Val Templeman at Cedar Farm Gallery

May was a very busy time for us in The Gallery. Alongside the start of a glorious summer, our Spring/Summer workshop program was well under way. Here's a little detail on the classes we hosted throughout April and May.

Monday 28th April 10am - 4pm


We welcomed back Val, who had previously hosted a watercolour demo in The Gallery back in 2017. Val led a jam packed day of activity in this engaging workshop. She introduced our complete beginners to tips and techniques of getting started in Watercolour painting. 

The class was busily scrawling notes as Val explained the difference in materials, series pigments, paper, brushes and when to use them; All the basics, that often even more advanced painters don't know!

The class produced 3 pictures throughout the day using the simple techniques and materials that had been covered, learning to work on different papers, use Trace Down paper, Salt glaze technique and much more.

We were amazed at the quality of painting our participants produced, and didn't quite believe those who insisted they were beginnners.

25TH MAY 10AM - 4PM


Val joined us again, leading a full house for an Improvers Watercolour painting class. Once again, the weather was glorious, with chance to have our lunch and tea breaks outside. Painting was kept inside as advised the heat would dry the paint too quickly. 

Like before, there were 3 painting tasks to complete- Painting onto Hot Pressed paper, painting in a 'loose' style, and painting with bright colour.  The quality of work produced by participants was excellent, with students having plenty of freedom to explore painting styles with lots of useful tips and techniques offered from Val on hand.

Watch this space for a regular watercolour class at The Gallery

If you want us to let you know about our classes just fill in a contact form in the link below.